Daughter be Healed
Arise, My Son
Three Steps towards the Abundant Life
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Soterion Ministries
Daughter be Healed
Arise, My Son
Three Steps towards the Abundant Life
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Soterion Ministries hold courses in Churches and Christian venues:

These courses provided by Soterion Ministries deal with issues that affect all of us, but "Arise, My Son" will have a special bias towards men. Please visit Soterion webite to view information about other courses including mixed courses. All courses include opportunities for ministry. "Arise, My Son" will cover the following topics:

On the first night:

Who am I in Jesus?  Discovering who we are, how we are formed and how God intended us to relate to Him is the first step to finding out where things may have gone wrong
Drama: "Zacchaeus' Wife." Luke Chapter 19

On the second day:

Jesus’ ministry to men:  Jesus had a very special relationship with twelve close friends and realising that they weren’t perfect gives us encouragement and hope
Drama: The Servant Woman Mark Chapter 14

Forgiveness:  An important key to healing
Drama: The Woman caught in Adultery. John Chapter 8

The Father/son relationship:  God the Father had a very close relationship with His Son and that is the kind of relationship He wants to develop with each of us

Rejection and Abuse:  We have all been rejected at some time or another and abuse of any kind is the most painful kind of rejection of all

(There will be opportunities for individual ministry during the day and a chance for rest and relaxation)

On the third morning:

Taking our place as sons of God:  God gave men a special role but through doubt and fear, poor role modelling and cultural moulding, men are often not standing as God intended them to

Going out in His strength:

God gave us special armour to protect us in our walk with Him

This course is soley for men, although there will be one or two women present to assist with the ministry. If however, you would prefer to be ministered to by a man that will be understood.

The courses are run by Angela Weir who is an associate teacher of the ministry team with Ellel Ministries. She was professionally trained as an actress and worked for several years in the theatre. She now uses her training and experience to bring to life some of the stories in the New Testament

This course is also run by David Lauder who was a pastor and is also a member of the ministry team with Ellel Ministries and Flame International

The courses usually begin at 7.30pm on the Friday, (registration from 7pm) and ends with lunch on the third day

This weekend non residential course will have a costs £50 to cover meals and venue hire, and includes:-

  • the seven teaching sessions which progress as a series, are not useful other than together
  • opportunities for personal ministry
  • lunch on second and third day at 1pm

  • an evening meal on second day at 6pm

Other courses listed on Soterion Website include:

  • Daughter be Healed
  • Three Steps Towards Abundant Life
  • Teaching for Potential Ministry Teams

  • Following on

    Please contact David and Louise Lauder for any other information




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  • "Arise, My Son"
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