Daughter be Healed
Arise, My Son
Three Steps towards the Abundant Life
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Soterion Ministries
Daughter be Healed
Arise, My Son
Three Steps towards the Abundant Life
Following On

Soterion Ministries hold courses in Churches and Christian venues:

These courses provided by Soterion Ministries deal with issues that affect all of us, but "Daughter be Healed" will have a special bias towards women. Please visit Soterion webite to view information about other courses for men and mixed courses. All courses include opportunities for ministry. "Daughter be Healed" will cover the following topics:

On the first night:

Why we need Jesus.  An introduction to our need for salvation, who we are and how we are designed by God to relate to Him.

(Drama: Anna, the prophetess. Luke, Chapter 2)

On the second day:

Jesus' Ministry to women.  Women in Jesus day were almost ignored, but He always treated them with love and respect.

(Drama: Woman with the issue of blood. Mark, chapter 5)

Forgiveness.  The importance of forgiveness in healing.

(Drama: the woman caught in adultery. John, chapter 8)

Father Heart of God.  Knowing we are loved and accepted by God is an important part of our healing, as is learning to accept ourselves.

(Drama: the woman who anointed Jesus.)

Rejection and abuse.  Everyone has suffered from rejection at some time in their lives and it can have a deep effect on how we see ourselves as women of God.

There will be opportunities for ministry after some of the teaching sessions, and time for rest and relaxation during the day.

On the third morning:

Understanding Fear.  Knowing where fear comes from and that not all fear is bad, is the beginning of learning how we can overcome it.

(Drama: "Cleopas's wife." Luke, chapter 24)

Understanding Godly covering.  Knowing that we are protected by the constant presence of God enables us to deal with our fears.

This course is soley for women, although there will be one or two men present to assist with the ministry. If however, you would prefer to be ministered to by a woman that will be understood.

Angela Weir has long experience as an associate with Ellel Ministries. She has trained as an actress and uses her dramatic ability to bring to life some of the women in the New Testament, and uses these monologues to illustrate her teaching.

The courses usually begin at 6.00pm on the first day, (registration from 5pm) and ends with lunch on the third day

The course will have a costs to cover meals and venue hire, and includes:

  • the seven teaching sessions which progress as a series and are not useful other than together
  • Opportunities for personal ministry
  • Lunch on second and third day at 1pm

  • An evening meal on first and second day at 6pm

Other courses listed on Soterion Website include:

  • Son Arise
  • Three Steps Towards Abundant Life
  • Teaching for Potential Ministry Teams

  • Following on

"Daughter be Healed" or "Son Arise."
Coming soon to the Chapel Salem vestry adjacent to the Big Rock Cafe
Snowdon Street, Porthmadog.
Next Course to run from here soon

Capel Salem Porthmadog

Big Rock Cafe